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A group of professional  wedding photographers, providing solutions and services to capture the best moments of your special memories.

The Goan Photography Studio got you covered right from Photography & Cinematography to planning your day, the best wedding photographers in Goa

Yohann Santos

I remember booking this studio for an occasion. Exceptional work. Right from the start to the end everything was covered. Not a single memory went uncovered. They were extremely polite and professional. My crowd at the occasion was pleased with them. Everyone was comfortable around them and gave me good feedback. So if you plan to go with The Goan Photography Studio's, well you can just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. They are worth it. They will organize everything and keep you in the loop and their punctuality is remarkable. Thank you GPS.


  • Why should we book The Goan Photography Studio for our day ?
    When it comes to weddings, we believe that you deserve a professional that can use his/her technological expertise and creative vision to create something much more beautiful, that goes far beyond than just clicking pictures. We at The Goan Photography Studio are focused on providing you with a completely satisfactory and worry-free experience. Our team will start by helping you create/ choose a package that fits your needs and desires. We will assist you in planning the wedding day, by giving you ideas based on our experience. When we shoot your event, we will capture each moment with our artistic vision. And finally, we will deliver you a final product worthy of our brand. In the end, for us it’s more about creating a beautiful friendship with you that goes far beyond the day of your wedding. We pride ourselves on always being available to you, so if you have any questions or need any kind of advice, feel free to reach out to us.
  • We want to customise our own package. Is it possible ?
    We want you to have only what you need and desire. So, YES ! we will help you customise a package that meets all your requirements.
  • We are on a budget. Can you’ll help us out ?
    If our prices are out of your budget, we can figure out a smaller package that will work for you and us too. We are in a tight spot when it comes to compromising prices. We request you to understand that, because we do not compromise on the amount of effort we put in.
  • How can we see more of The Goan Photography Studio’s work ?
    Haven’t checked us out on Instagram ? If not, visit thegoanphotographystudio to check out our diversified feed. Wait ! Done that already ? still need more ? Don’t worry, get in-touch with us and we’ll send you a G-drive link with a ton of our work that hasn’t got a chance to go up on our instagram handle yet.
  • Can we have all the images, RAW and unedited as well ?
    Because you trust us with our vision, we deliver only edited images. From all the images we shoot during a wedding, we reject all the test shots, shots with missed focus, shots that don’t have good expressions, and any duplicates. Raw images require particular software to be readable, and more importantly, they are unfinished. No professional will deliver unfinished work.
  • Do you’ll think that you’ll are the right group of professionals for us ?
    Hey, let us ask you that ! Do you think we are the right group of professionals for you and your special day ? Confused ? Let us help you out, if you are looking for someone who can advice and help you plan your day, someone who will calm you down and make efforts to take away your stress, someone who will capture every moment inorder to create an everlasting memory, someone who will make you feel comfortable irrespective of whether you are camera shy or not too confident about posing or just someone who you can trust, and give the entire responsibility of covering your big day, you are in the right place !! Can’t wait to get to know you better !
  • What should we do now ?
    Well, get in-touch with us, sit back and relllllaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
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